Monday, November 18, 2013

Bass Fishing from a Boat by: Paul Gozzo

Last Saturday was the first time in my life that I (Paul Gozzo) ever bass fished from a boat and it was everything I every thought it would be and then some. Growing up in New England I had only fished ponds and small lakes or shallow rivers from the bank or shoreline. So when I migrated to south Florida, I kept up that practice whenever I would try a new pond. My curiosity had been getting to me though and lately I found myself creating a list of things to do in Florida before I move out of town next year and largemouth bass fishing from a boat found its way to my list!

So when my pal Tommy suggested we take a ride out of Sanford, Florida with one of his old buddies, I jumped at the opportunity.

The night before I attended a wedding in Titusville, Florida and had to crack up at myself for dreaming of delicious bass during those wedding moments when people are usually crying; the bride entering, the first dance, the cutting of the cake, etc. Every time I would have a moment not marred down in conversation, I would think of bass. Needless to say, that night, I could barely sleep. At one point I was even laughing at myself at how ridiculous this was, how excited I was, acting like a little kid.

The entire ride to our meeting spot in the morning was dark and vacant. I didn't even listen to music. Instead, I spaced out remembering all the large bass I have caught over the years and where I was when I caught them, who I was with, and what kind of lure I caught the fish on. I had some great thoughts and memories on that ride as it is any time I reflect back on my days on the water, or from the shore, over the years. Fishing has brought me to so many beautiful places and helped me to forge so many wonderful relationships, I will forever be thankful to the hobby of fishing.

We all gathered at the dock a few minutes before 6 am last Saturday.....

And the rest is history.

Another day fishing, this time a little different style (from the bass boat), but the same old story. A great day with images burned into my memory of good friends and fish.