Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Florida Keys Back in the Day from Paul Gozzo

Way back when #Keys #Bonefish weren't as scared as a crack addict on a three day bender...

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fishing for Pompano in Jupiter, Florida with Paul Gozzo

Mid December Pompano slay! Somewhere in Jupiter, Florida...
brought to you by Paul Gozzo www.paulgozzo.com

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Secret Snook Spot from Paul Gozzo

Snook: Somewhere in Jupiter, Florida?
www.paulgozzo.com From: Paul Gozzo

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pike on a Powell fishing rod

Paddlesurfing Jupiter Florida from Paul Gozzo

Surfers love to knock em, but this #paddleboarder was surfing while "surfers"
were watching.....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Making Something out of Nothing

#Surfing #Jupiter #Florida when it's flatski!

Sheepshead Fish from Paul Gozzo

We loaded up on these tasty fish with human looking teeth on a recent trip to the Everglades out of Chokoloskee, Florida

#Sheepshead #PaulGozzo #Fishing

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bass Fishing from a Boat by: Paul Gozzo

Last Saturday was the first time in my life that I (Paul Gozzo) ever bass fished from a boat and it was everything I every thought it would be and then some. Growing up in New England I had only fished ponds and small lakes or shallow rivers from the bank or shoreline. So when I migrated to south Florida, I kept up that practice whenever I would try a new pond. My curiosity had been getting to me though and lately I found myself creating a list of things to do in Florida before I move out of town next year and largemouth bass fishing from a boat found its way to my list!

So when my pal Tommy suggested we take a ride out of Sanford, Florida with one of his old buddies, I jumped at the opportunity.

The night before I attended a wedding in Titusville, Florida and had to crack up at myself for dreaming of delicious bass during those wedding moments when people are usually crying; the bride entering, the first dance, the cutting of the cake, etc. Every time I would have a moment not marred down in conversation, I would think of bass. Needless to say, that night, I could barely sleep. At one point I was even laughing at myself at how ridiculous this was, how excited I was, acting like a little kid.

The entire ride to our meeting spot in the morning was dark and vacant. I didn't even listen to music. Instead, I spaced out remembering all the large bass I have caught over the years and where I was when I caught them, who I was with, and what kind of lure I caught the fish on. I had some great thoughts and memories on that ride as it is any time I reflect back on my days on the water, or from the shore, over the years. Fishing has brought me to so many beautiful places and helped me to forge so many wonderful relationships, I will forever be thankful to the hobby of fishing.

We all gathered at the dock a few minutes before 6 am last Saturday.....

And the rest is history.

Another day fishing, this time a little different style (from the bass boat), but the same old story. A great day with images burned into my memory of good friends and fish.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Paul Gozzo Asks: Fisherman or Angler?

Fisherman or Angler?

“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

No, this is not a blog about the famous Biblical truth.

I want to address the question of fisherman vs. angler? See how you match up?

A fisherman “figures it out”. He embarks on a journey to figure out how to catch fish. For most fisherman, the journey begins the day before and often times, weeks out. As Ted Williams, ya that Ted Williams, the Hall of Fame baseball player who was also an accomplished fisherman, once said something to the extent of, “ often times the biggest fish are caught the night before”.

For example, fly fishing for trout in a New England stream or wild Western River requires some knowledge and experience the latter of which is absolutely necessary to actually becoming successful at the fly fishing endeavor. Outside the obvious needs like transportation, rod, reel, waders etc. the fisherman must learn to read the water  to determine the highest probability of where a fish will be and then to study the water to determine where to cast in order to drift his fly naturally by where a fish most likely will be. Of course, all of this is after choosing the right fly, or in many cases the correct version of that fly and appropriate size as well as the size of the tippet at the end of the leader. All of this and more goes into the fishing experience.

Angling on the other hand, is what you do after you hook the fish. A good fly fishing angler will choose both where to cast from, so as to give himself the best chance to naturally present the fly to the fish, and also where he will position himself in the river to then fight and release the fish once it is hooked so as not to disrupt the pool the put the other fish “down” where they will become inactive. That angler thinks of the other fisherman and his potential to catch more fish from the same pool as well as his probability of landing the fish he is actually casting too all before making his initial cast.

On the saltwater, often times it takes 2-3 people working together on a boat to find, hook, and land a fish. Boat preparation takes time and effort. Rod and reels must be prepared including the testing and setting of the drag well ahead of time before the boat even leaves the dock. When a big game fish is hooked, the angle and boat captain will communicate and the boat is used to help reel in the fish. Then of course, a third person is usually needed to net or gaff the fish. This teamwork is fishing. The guy on the rod and reel is the angler.

These days, in our ego driven hey, “look at me and like me on Facebook and pass my picture and love it on Instagram” immediate gratification world, often times people rush to get to the point of that picture so much that they miss the opportunity to fish. They angle. And the two are not the same. I once read a quote that “only a surfer knows the feeling”….well the same can be said here, only a fisherman knows the feeling. The feeling of figuring it out and catching that fish. Hiring a guide who is on the water 300 days a year, who rigs your rod, baits your hook, and tells you where to cast, or even hooks the fish, then lets you reel it in, isn’t fishing. Yes, you are still angling, although it can be argued that a valuable part of the angling equations is missed when you do not actually hook the fish yourself, but none the less you are angling to some extent if you fight and land that fish. Now take your picture and pass it around the world and make sure to leave the part out about how the guide hooked it for you!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Paul M. Gozzo June 2013 Press Release

Paul M. Gozzo of Jupiter, Florida has been investing in real estate since graduated from Amherst College in 1998. Transitioning from the equity trading desk to equity research and most recently to real estate research with a focus on distressed acquisitions was a logical move for Paul Gozzo. “My interest in residential and commercial real estate began as a kid when I followed my father around to his various real estate projects.”

Paul M. Gozzo spends his weeks split mostly between South Florida, greater Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida as well as other areas of the Southeastern United States where he analyzes various projects for his diversified group on individual and institutional clients. Research experience in both the financial and real estate markets gives Paul Gozzo a different background than most other analysts in the real estate space who tend to start out and stick with the  one discipline. But Paul M. Gozzo feels his real niche is in having buy-side experience. He says, “having invested myself, I understand what my client’s wants and needs are as well as what their tolerance for pain may be. When you have actually pulled the trigger yourself and lived through those emotions, it gives you a much different seat at the table as an analyst.”

When not one the road or in the office, Paul M. Gozzo enjoys all of the splendors of living in South Florida including fishing and golfing as well as serving the community. Paul Gozzo donates his time monthly to helping to keep local beaches clean with The Friends of Jupiter Beach and when possible, he serves at St. Georges Soup Kitchen in Riviera Beach, Florida where he helps to prepare and serve a hot meal to over 200 people in need.

For up to date information on Paul M. Gozzo, follow him on TwitterBloggerGoogle+Instagram, or Pinterest.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Florida Sunset

Caught a video of this awesome sunset in Florida. It set right over these palm trees.

Paul M. Gozzo Watches Florida Waves Crashing

I was able to catch these waves crashing off a beach in Florida. So relaxing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Dog Running on the Beach

Luigi loves the beach!  Here he is running around on a beach in Florida.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Paul M. Gozzo is the New Chief Marketing Officer at Lax Wax

Mr. Paul M. Gozzo of Jupiter, Florida has been named the new Chief Marketing Officer at Lax Waxadding to his existing role as Director of Sales. A former lacrosse player at Paul M. Gozzo quickly discovered that Lax Wax was the best option for improving his game. He says "I apply Lax Wax to the pocket of my sticks in order to protect them from the elements. Lax Wax, without a doubt, gives me better ball control and elongates the life of my stick!"
Now that Paul M. Gozzo lives in Florida, he can be found spending as much time as possible being active outdoors enjoying the tropical weather that South Florida has to offer. Although he enjoys warm weather activities like fishing and golfing, he can still be found playing indoor ice hockey at least once a week as well as lending a helping hand to others through serving the community.
Lax Wax was developed by actual lacrosse players to create the best wax for lacrosse sticks. Lax Wax uses a twist up applicator to easily distribute wax to the pockets, sidewalls, and shooters of lacrosse sticks. Lax Wax makes it easier to control the ball, and increases release velocity.
Since joining Lax Wax in March, Paul M. Gozzo has been instrumental in adding relationships with retail lacrosse stores throughout the United States bringing the total number of retail stores currently selling Lax Wax to over 50, well on the way to the company goal of 100 in 2013. Recently, Paul assisted in negotiating a promotional deal with the Boston Cannons professional lacrosse team. Gozzo is looking forward to adding other positive marketing relationships moving forward as well as establishing a presence at select lacrosse camps and tournaments this summer.
For up to date information on Paul M. Gozzo and his new role as Director of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer at Lax Wax, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

The original press release for this article can be found at: http://pitch.pe/116YATn

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Great White Shark Caught in Florida: from Paul M. Gozzo

This is the third Great White Shark caught in Florida in the past couple of weeks!!!

I wonder how many other have been broken off?

"Sharkin? What do you know about sharkin?" Jaws

Paul M. Gozzo

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great White Caught in Florida : Paul M Gozzo

No, Paul M Gozzo didn't catch the 3,000 pound Great White shark, but Fab Marchese did along with Captain Joe Maisano of the Go Fast Fishing Charters on Friday March 15, 2013 fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the Tampa, Florida coast.

Thank you to the Great White Shark just how bad-ass you are and congratulations Fab Marchese!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

                                             Check Out this monster Striped Bass!
                                                              A new Alabama record!!

brought to you by: Paul Gozzo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food for Thought: The Fish on the Menu at Restaurants

Have you ever thought about the fish you order at restaurants? We have all done this from time to time right? It tastes good, but is that expensive Snapper really Red Snapper or is it actually cheap Talapia doctored up well by a chef and sold at an expensive price usually reserved for Red Snapper?

This article today in USA Today does a good job of explaining just how often this may actually occur.

The non profit group, "Oceana" investigated this mystery and their findings are startling. For example they found that, "87% of the snapper samples were not snapper. White tuna was mislabeled 59% of the time. Between one-third and one-fifth of the halibut, grouper, cod and Chilean sea bass tested were mislabeled".

So what can you do? I'm just not sure. The mislabeling seems to be broad. According to Oceana, "at sushi restaurants, 74% had at least one sample come back mislabeled. At restaurants, 38% had at least one problem sample; in grocery stores, 18% did."

Food for thought....

Paul Gozzo