Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food for Thought: The Fish on the Menu at Restaurants

Have you ever thought about the fish you order at restaurants? We have all done this from time to time right? It tastes good, but is that expensive Snapper really Red Snapper or is it actually cheap Talapia doctored up well by a chef and sold at an expensive price usually reserved for Red Snapper?

This article today in USA Today does a good job of explaining just how often this may actually occur.

The non profit group, "Oceana" investigated this mystery and their findings are startling. For example they found that, "87% of the snapper samples were not snapper. White tuna was mislabeled 59% of the time. Between one-third and one-fifth of the halibut, grouper, cod and Chilean sea bass tested were mislabeled".

So what can you do? I'm just not sure. The mislabeling seems to be broad. According to Oceana, "at sushi restaurants, 74% had at least one sample come back mislabeled. At restaurants, 38% had at least one problem sample; in grocery stores, 18% did."

Food for thought....

Paul Gozzo